Telling your wedding story

On your special day we don't leave your side to capture all the great but also the many small moments, which would otherwise remain undocumented. Our wedding story will literally tell the story of your day from the first stroke of your eyeliner to the last round of schnapps.

Getting Ready

We accompany you from two to three hours before the wedding ceremony when you have your make-up and your  hairstyling done and get dressed, or have a little champagne with your friends or a beer with your buddies...this usually is the best time to take intimate, naturally looking portraits.

Your Ceremony

The highlight of your day! Whether in a church, on a platform, in the woods or in the registry office - every moment during a wedding ceremony is unique and worth remembering. In addition to the great moments of the ceremony, we also try to capture the small emotions, looks and touches creatively and sensitively in our pictures. We stay in the background as much as possible, because we want to capture natural laughter and real feelings  instead of a posed smile.

Your celebration (official part)

Whether cutting the cake, champagne reception, speeches from you or your guests, a flying buffet or a down to earth goulash, party games, or the bridal bouquet throw - for us it is important to find different perspectives and to keep you and the party location as well as the interaction between you and your guests in focus. With a mixture of a concentrated view of the whole and the experience of anticipating important moments and emotions, we always manage to be at the right place at the right time.

You and your guests

At the beginning of the wedding we don't know any of your guests, at the end we got to know almost everyone and photographed them at least once. Together with or without you, during the wedding ceremony, congratulations, posing in a group or just in between: Every guest finds his or her way in front of our lens and into your photo album.

Your wedding party (unofficial part)

When the first ties are loosened and the tables pushed away, most photographers leave the party - not so Team Schnurrbart.  Until the early morning hours we celebrate with you and your guests and will take the funniest shots right from the middle of the dancefloor. With the help of our equipment specialized for party photography - among other things we set up three to four flashes around the dance floor - we are able to put your party and your best dance moves in the limelight and capture extraordinary party moments forever.

Focus on details

It is often the small details that make up the big picture. The decoration, the rings and the bridal bouquet are at the top of this list. But also intertwined fingers, a shoe carelessly thrown away into the corner or balloons flying high into the sky. We will notice everything that went into this day and made it so perfect.

The couple shooting

For us as photographers the couple shooting is the highlight of the day. This is when the pictures are taken that will accompany you all your life and decorate many a wall. The couples shooting is also the first time on this exciting day of your wedding, where you can be for yourself and relax. We will give you as few instructions as possible and let you enjoy these one or two hours of exclusive "YOU-time" while trying to capture your unique relationship with lasting images. There is no need to pose, we want to photograph you the way you are and let your personality shine. The rest is good light, our trained eye for good composition and lots of fun.

Team Schnurrbart

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